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The  musical instrument Collection

on-line museum

A private collection of stringed and other instruments for reference and interest. These pages are still under construction more will be added and an information section later.

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Unusual violins violins 2, violas, cello Viols, cittern,  hurdy-gurdy Horned stringed  Banjos Zither, harp, dulcimer Ukulele plus. Mandolins
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Guitars. archtop & tenor Guitars. Early & unusual Harp guitars Ethnic Freereed Woodwind Brass. .Martin Horns. Schalmei
    Early 19thc Hybrid instruments       SERPENTS  
 Springers museum on-line of all sorts of interest  

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Traditional music. Barndance band, Irish/ Scottish ceilidhs.  Ho-downs, Banquets.  



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